Pump to boob!

Today something happened that I didn’t think would, Emmie is back breastfeeding!! I have been exclusively pumping since she came home from the hospital because it worked out better for me and my boobs needed a break!

Exclusively pumping made me so much more comfortable because I was able to see exactly how much milk she was getting with every feeding, and I was making a lot of milk being able to freeze about 12 Oz. A day at minimum! Then I got mastitis (sorry to any mom who’s had it, I know even just seeing that word made you cringe!) but after that my supply had definitely went down some.

So why start having Emmie breast feed you ask? Because I was feeding her then pumping every two hours & though I will still be feeding her every two hours I feel like I have more freedom not being hooked to a pump the whole time. Also for me, there’s just so much bonding with breastfeeding that I was missing with her, especially after going through breastfeeding with Lina and the bond that it created. How did it start? Emmie loves to fuss a lot before her feeding and with exclusively pumping I have to warm up a bottle (letting it sit in hot water for 10 min) before feeding her, this morning she was NOT having it. She was screaming even more than usual and I couldn’t stand hearing her like that. I figured I would try to have her latch and go from there. I didn’t expect much because you hear a lot about babies getting used to the bottle nipple instead of your nipple but to my surprise I put her on and she latched with ease! Of course I’m going to have crippling anxiety about if she is getting enough or if she is going to start losing weight because her latch is off and she hasn’t gotten what she needs but I need to just let go and trust my body, it made this beautiful baby and knows how to nourish her.

Im extremely excited about this but cautious as well! Not sure if this will last or if I’ll be back pumping all day but I’m going to enjoy it for now! If any of you mamas have gone from pumping to breast please feel free to leave any advice!! Wish me luck!

She seems content and well fed to me 😃



Trick-or-treat! Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays (besides Christmas, NOTHING beats Christmas!) it’s a full day of kids and adults being anyone in the world they want, with no limit on imagination. A full day of joy and fun for our little ones…. well. Sometimes.

Our halloween started off with both my kids (2 years & 1 month) waking up at 10 am woohoo!! Very normal for my oldest, she’s been the sleep queen since two weeks old, so going to bed at 8 and waking up at 10 is nothing. But for my 1 month old having her last feeding at 1230 then waking up at 10 I’m ok with! Any way, I made Lina some festive pancakes, did pumpkin crafts and had a great morning/afternoon!

That’s where things got tricky. 4 pm rolls around and we were planning on going trick or treating by 6 and still No nap. Not good for our sleep queen. So it was no surprise when it was time to put her costume on (that she once didn’t want to take off to bathe) she flipped her lid and was not having it. Great out perfect fun Halloween was going to be ruined by my little drama queen! But it all changed when we told her it was time to go get candy! Thank the good lord.

Lina’s first time actually Trick-Or-Treating

In years past Lina was either an infant getting pushed in the stroller, or a 1 year old that didn’t really get the concept of Halloween, but this year the magic of the holiday came out! She ran up to each door yelling “Spoooky” “treaaatt” and on her way back from every house she said “candy!!” She also screamed a dramatic fake scream when she saw a ghost decoration and said “mommy, ghost!” It was the sweetest thing seeing her have so much fun! As for Emmie she was super snug and asleep in her baby carrier the whole night!

As for mama and dada, we enjoyed a nice up of a caramel apple cider vodka drink (recipe below!)

Caramel Apple Cider Adult Only

  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Apple cider
  • Smirnoff caramel vodka

In a small pan (depending on how much you’re making pour in Apple cider (1cup per drink) and add in cinnamon sticks, simmer that for about 30 min to really infuse the flavor! Then scoop out into a to go cup add a shot of vodka (or as much as you like) and enjoy!!

A quick on the go version that is just as yummy is cold apple cider, vodka, and a sprinkle of ground cinnamon thrown together and wahlah! Cheers!

After we were finished Trick-Or-Treating we came back home with our group (we go with my aunt and cousin “brook” whom Lina is obsessed with, every year) and had some pizza while the girls played! Then bathtime, a new Halloween book, and BED! We were all so exhausted from our fun night we fell asleep in seconds!

I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! 🎃


Catch up!

I’m back y’all! Like I’ve said in my previous posts if I can’t give 100% to my posts, I’m not going to write one!

First things first, I’m happy to introduce you to the newest member of our family, our beautiful Emmie Love!

Labor story

I didn’t think this precious little nugget was ever going to want to come out, just like her big sissy who I had to be induced with at 42 weeks, but, To mine and my husbands surprise this little chick was ready to exit at 40 weeks and 6 days! Her labor was pretty uneventful, started contractions at 5, went to the hospital at 7, was 7Cm dilated, started pushing at 11:08 and had her at 11:14! 3 pushes and heard the most adorable little cry! Our rainbow baby had arrived, healthy and perfect!

Introducing Emmie to Lina

The whole day we were in the hospital all I could do was think about Lina and how she would react to being a big sister. Would she be jealous or hate sharing her mama, I mean it has been only us for 2 years and we are as close as you get. The whole drive home I was nervous, yet excited. When we arrived home I decided I would walk in alone first and have my husband follow with the baby.

I walked in and Lina’s face lit up with the most amazing smile I have ever seen I ran over to her picked her up and gave her a good squeeze (I missed my first baby soooo much!) then, my husband came in. She looked over at the car seat with curiosity and we told her, her new sissy was in there. She immediately looked in and said “Aww cute! Lina hold?!” Being so excited I jumped at the opportunity of her to bond with her sister, that my friends is where the love fest began and has yet to calm down. Lina is the best big sister in the world and is so involved in every part of Emmies routine!

One month later

Emmie Love just turned a month old and being a mom of two has been great! We went through a little rough patch with this poor baby having a little acid reflux problem but with that beginning to get better and figuring out which medicines work for her, she’s such a good baby just like her sissy!

I was terrified I wouldn’t have enough love to give to anyone but Lina and that I would be so overwhelmed with two babies two and under but to be completely honest I believe I was made to be a mama and share my love to these little miracles my husband and I made. Also, two babies has really been easier than one, we already have our routine so it was easy to just stick to our norm and have Emmie follow along! (Esp because right now she’s nursing every 2 hours and then sleeping the rest) so moms out there expecting their second, it’s the best, you will have enough love, you will make it through the late nights (especially if you have an amazing husband like mine who helps with everything he can, even though he has worthless nipples), and the smiles are going to melt you!

I’m super excited to be back and start blogging again and sharing our journey with you all!


From crib to toddler bed

So being pregnant and Lina being pretty advanced for her age, my husband and I thought it would be appropriate to start transitioning her into a big girl bed so she doesn’t think she’s getting kicked out of her bed because of her sister!

I wanted to start the transition now because I figured it would take a while for her to stay in bed and sleep through the night and didn’t want to be 7-8 months pregnant, exhausted and trying to sleep train. I read a lot of blogs and stories about people who’s kids never climbed out of their crib but once they got the freedom of a bed, they never stayed in it. Lucky for us Lina slept through the night the first night in her bed and has continued to do so every night since! Woohoo!!

Although the transition was a piece of cake for her, for me, it was not so much. Saturday, we got her toddler bed and I took her to the store to pick out her own bed set, of course being Minnie Mouse (could’ve bet money on that one) just like I had for my first toddler set! She was so excited about her new bed she kept saying “meeeMouse Bed!!” I was so excited for her also, but then we got home and my husband started moving her old baby room around, rearranging everything. I took one step in the room and hysterically cried for a good 20 minutes. HOW, how is my BABY getting a big girl room, did I do this too soon, is she ready, will she sleep in this new bed? So many questions I was asking myself. I also happen to be a creature of habit and hate change at first, to see her whole room different really got to me. After I got myself together I gave her a bath and we got ready for our big night!

I’ve always been extremely routined with Lina & I think this is the reason she transitioned so well, slept through the night since the first week home, and doesn’t fuss at bed time.

Our routine; first I would rock her, nurse or give her a bottle as I read her a book, say our prayers, give her a kiss, then put her in her crib and that was it she would go right to sleep. I’ve kept this the same from the day we got home from the hospital so naturally the first night in her bed, I laid in her bed, read her a book (she no longer has a bottle at bed time) said our prayers, gave her a kiss, and walked out of the room.

I waited outside her door for a cry, whimper, anything. Nothing. I watched the monitor & She laid in her new bed for about 5 minutes then fell asleep! Just like that! I was up all night thinking she’d wake up and come in our room, but nope! She stayed asleep until 8:45 and when she did wake up she just stayed in bed and “read” her book! At 20 months, I never thought this would be possible! All of my “I hope she’s ready for this” thoughts disappeared.

Transitioning her was such a bittersweet moment, but I hope her having her big girl bed will eliminate any jealousy of her baby sister getting to sleep in her old crib, we’ll see in about 4 months!


The Magic Jelly Bean Garden

So the year I was pregnant with Lina I was looking for fun traditions to do with our family and I found the Magic Jellybean Garden! Basically you have the kids “plant” jelly beans the night before easter and the Easter Bunny comes and magically grows the jelly beans into lollipops! It was our first year doing it since last year Lina was only 7 months old, and it was such a success her and my god daughter loved the magic it brought (& I’m pretty sure they enjoyed the egg hunt the bunny left as well)


Easter Baskets!

So with easter approaching the Easter bunny will be making his appearance soon! I’ve noticed easter has almost become like a second Christmas to kids and that’s awesome for them, but I’m not having it!

Growing up my brother and I got Fruit in our basket instead of all the traditional candy and I loved it! Of course we did get delicious Cadbury eggs but the rest was fruit! We would also get things that went along with spring coming such as, kites, rain boots, chalk, little things like that. Also if we were planning on going somewhere for April vacation we would get a bathing suit, flip flops, sunscreen, maybe a beach hat and towel! I think the idea of another Christmas for Easter is just too much!

I have been using the same Easter basket since I was about 4. My aunt made me it and now I’ve passed it down to Lina for her to use! (I’ve recently called my aunt letting her know we’d have to make another for my next daughter! Lol) I love holiday family traditions and making ones with my family has made me so happy! Between Easter bunny visits, egg hunts, coloring eggs, church on easter morning I love it all!!

Speaking of coloring eggs, this was the first year Lina actually got to enjoy coloring Easter eggs and boy did she love it! She thought it was so exciting to see the egg go in white and come out another color! At the end we dipped our eggs in glitter & let’s just say there’s still glitter popping up all over our house (not like that’s a bad thing) ✨

What are your thoughts on Easter gifts?


Pregnancy Favorites

This pregnancy started off a little differently than with my first! When I was pregnant with Lina I didn’t have any morning sickness, worked out every day, and ate super clean! With this pregnancy the first trimester had some nausea (not enough to complain about), I was super fatigued and I only really wanted salt and vinegar chips! But now that the second trimester has come around I am back to working out everyday, eating clean(ish), and definitely have more energy, I swear it has to do with working out!


When I say “working out” I am in no way going hard at the gym or doing anything crazy. I found with my body, cardio, prenatal Pilates and yoga is the best for me. No matter how exhausted I am, I still try to do at least one of those a day because it makes me feel so much better!

My favorite Pilates DVD is 10 minute solution. It has 5 10 minute workouts so even if your day is hectic and you can only squeeze in a 20 min workout, they have it! It also targets all different body parts to leave you feeling long and stretched!

Prenatal Vitamins

With my first pregnancy I remember the look and SIZE of the prescription prenatals and I was not having it! So when I found gummy prenatal vitamins I was more than thrilled, and when the taste was great I wasn’t sure that it actually would be DR. Approved but it was! So needless to say, these have been my go to prenatals from that day forward!

That’s all for my pregnancy favorites for today but I will add more when I think of them!! Now, it’s nap time!