Coffee and mugs ☕️

Today has been so surreal. I started this blog knowing my first post would be intense and personal. What I did not know was that I’d be up all night watching my blog views go up and getting comments about how you guys loved it! When I say up all night, I mean all night! Ever get that feeling when you’re so scared but so excited your stomach is in knots that was me!

“Be scared but do it anyway!”

Finally I was able to put down my laptop and go to sleep around 445!

Then it happened, 7 am “MAAAAA” Lina was up! My child that normally sleeps until 10 was up at 7. #MomLife leading to why this topic is about COFFEE! I’ve tried the whole tea thing & while I like it at night I need a good dark roast coffee in the morning, with some creamer usually a good French vanilla, depending on the day. But I always need it to be in a cute mug, which I have plenty of because that’s all I ask people for when they want to know what I want for Christmas. 😂 The mug I have pictured above is one of my favorites I got at Target for like 5 bucks! (I’ll post a picture of some of my other mugs below)

“A day without coffee is like…

Just kidding. I have no idea.”

Am I the only other mama that needs her coffee before anything else?

Xo Pr0jectmilf

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