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With Christmas approaching, the stress is high, and the pressures on. I’m always the one who waits until LAST minute to start my Christmas shopping, and I KNOW that is not going to fly next year when my daughter can actually know what’s going on 😩 being at the mall from 1-6 made me really want to start shopping in October… I’m working on it. BUT Today was so much fun!

I’m totally “that girl” that loves traditions and this year with Lina Being old enough to (somewhat) enjoy them, my best friends (since we were 6 years old might I add) mom invited us to join their Christmas cookie making tradition. Seeing Lina interacting with my friends niece and cousin was too cute for words! They all took turns rolling out the dough, using the cookie cutters, and decorating their cookies! The one thing that her mom did that was so smart was she had pre made cookies ready to decorate for them while she put the uncooked ones into the oven. This helped keep them occupied and not get bored! ALSO, my friends mom did an amazing job at decorating her house it truly looked like a winter wonderland, the tree had golden strings draped in rows, a million heirloom ornament hung in perfect sequence, and a thousand Christmas nicknacks strategically placed throughout her house. Although Lina was drinking the icing and eating the cookies and m&ms instead of decorating them, she was amazed looking through The Webbs house and interacting with other little kids. It was really a special day!

The ornament Mama Webb gifted to us After our decorating fun!

I can not wait to continue this tradition as the years go on! Some other tradition ideas you can start with your own family are listed below!

  1. Cookie Decorating
  2. ChristmasEve box ; make a box with pjs, a movie, popcorn, and hot chocolate. Have your kids open them the night before Christmas
  3. Decorate ornaments
  4. Make ornament wreaths
  5. See Christmas lights
  6. Have a Christmas movie night
  7. Read the ‘Night Before Christmas’ book the actual night before Christmas
  8. Decorate the tree as a family
  9. Make homemade Christmas ornaments or other crafts
  10. Have a hot chocolate bar with different types of toppings!

If anyone has other traditions they love comment below!

Merry Christmas & Happy holidays Xo

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