Let me start this off with, I’m writing this while cozy’d up in bed with my sleepy time vanilla tea, and I feel so dang relaxed its amazing. Sometimes us mamas NEED nights like these. I had my husband put Lina to bed, and I filled up a bath with one of my favorite bubbles, Dr. Teals “soothe and sleep with lavender. Brought in my new book with my new book light Elliot got me for Christmas, lit some candles, and poured a nice glass of Woodbridge Cab Sav. I’ve been buying the mini four pack of bottles, they are cheaper, if you’re like me and hate the way opened wine taste the next day, you won’t have to waste any (or finish a whole bottle in one night .. *Kidding* .. maybe.) AND you get a little more wine. I took a 45 minute bath. I swear when I got out I was a whole new woman. I soaked the stress away, and just RELAXED. Reading also always helps me relax because it takes me into another fictional world. I love feeling like I am living the characters life and getting sucked into their world! I promised myself that instead of falling asleep with the tv (because that NEVER helps me fall asleep) I would read for at least 20 min before going to bed. I totally encourage any of you who have trouble falling asleep to read!

Bringing it back 6 months ago, I would’ve NEVER asked my husband to put Lina to sleep I needed to do everything for her, even though I was home with her all day, it didn’t matter. I needed that time with her. I needed to be the only one to take care of her and have that final “goodnight”. Then I would come into the living room and watch our shows as Elliot snored through the majority of them and left me frustrated because this was supposed to be our time, and he would just fall asleep! (Granted he works 13 hours/ 6 days a week) That’s when it clicked. His way of taking time for hisself is having a beer and taking a little pre night time nap, and if I wanted to give 100% of myself to Lina and my marriage, I needed to take care of me first!

I remember second guessing myself thinking “am I being selfish? Do I really need him to put her to bed so I could take a bath, paint my nails, or have a glass of wine?” The answer is NO! I / WE as mamas deserve that time, we blessed these men with beautiful babies and they can bless us with some quiet time .. and some other things I’m not going to get into. šŸ˜œ.

I used to be so worried about pleasing everyone and always putting others wants before my own, but after my stress induced miscarriage I no longer care to please ANYONE but myself, and those who truly care for me. Remember if you are giving your all to everyone else and not caring for yourself you WILL burn out, and then who’s going to take care of your kids. That was the life changing quote that really got me to take “me time” because as it is I only trust three people with my baby, my mama, my aunt, and her godmother Jill, and all of them work SOO… they wouldn’t be available everyday if I crashed šŸ˜‚.

That being said, here are my top 5 favorite relaxation methods when I’m feeling like I’m going to lose it!

1.Take a bath. Load it with bubbles, oils, light candles, have some wine, tea, or water with lemon!

2.Read. Find a good book and enjoy living a different life for a little.

3.Clean! My husband loves when I use this as a stress reliever! I will literally dust, sweep, & everything in between.

4.Do a guided meditation. This was something I really wasn’t to sure about at first because I’m AWFUL at meditating and clearing my mind but it helped to do it in my bedroom, alone, and with earphones.

5.WINE. Pour a glass of your favorite mommy juice & enjoy! If you don’t drink, tea (esp. chamomile or sleepy time) is amazing to feel calm.

6.Ok I had to add a 6th one because this has really helped me lately, journaling! Write down all your feelings! Anger, sadness, why your stressed. Tackle each issue one by one, ask yourself is this going to matter in a month. If it is, write down steps you’ll take to solve this to make you less stressed, remove the person, exercise more, drink a green smoothie every morning, whatever is going to help you get rid of that stress!

If you guys have any stress tips comment below! Time for me to doze off!


P.s look at this totally cool #Pr0jectmilf sweatshirt my hubby bought me for Christmas!!!

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