30 day challenge complete!

This past week has been a little crazy with my baby girl catching another cold! (UGHH) but she’s getting better and thank god it was only a cough!

As you know, I started a self care challenge this January and yesterday was my final day! It felt so good completing each challenge and it was extremely easy and fun to do so! I found myself making a habit out of some of the challenges as well!

My challenge for February will be a Relationship ReCharge challenge! I think it’s super important to keep things fresh and fun in our marriage so a challenge will surely do that! I will post the challenge below for any one that is interested!


Pitbull SuperBowl Ad

Today I was scrolling Facebook and I came across a ” DO NOT ADOPT A PITBULL” ad supposably for the super bowl. I hope to God this is not true and it was made by a bunch of ignorant uneducated people. I swear my stomach turned in disgust when I watched this. They claimed pit bulls are the cause of 29 deaths of Americans in 2017. TWENTY. NINE. I am in NO way shape or form discounting lives, but I’m 99.9% sure these dogs didn’t just attack for no reason! What about deaths caused by public transportation? Are we going to stop taking Uber’s, trains, planes, etc?

My dog was adopted and he is the SWEETEST most loving dog in the world. It’s how you train them. Think about humans. Think about how some people raise their kids, if you raise a kid to be an asshole, it’s gonna be an asshole. It’s so easy to blame the dog, but is it always really the dogs fault? No. My dog has ZERO aggressive behavior and STILL my daughter is NOT allowed near his food bowl while he is eating, she is taught to be gentle, he is not a pony he is not allowed to be rode on or climbed all over. Why? Because our dog is still a living breathing being and they too are entitled to have a bad day and snap just like every SINGLE one of YOU reading this. So save this crap about pit bulls are awful and it’s their “breed” and learn to retrain your dog! If you adopt a dog with an aggressive past, bring in a professional, THEY can help, know how to HANDLE your dog if it’s aggressive JUST like you handle your kid if they have anger or aggression issues.

“All animals are ANIMALS FIRST!”

To be honest I’m extremely happy my dog is protective. Here’s a quick story as to why his protective nature makes me feel safe. I was walking with my pit around our block when I was 8 months pregnant. A clearly drunk man starts charging toward us in an extremely aggressive manner, it was about 1 in the afternoon, no one else around. I was EXTREMELY nervous especially being 8 months pregnant I wasn’t really in the best shape to be running away or fighting off some man, much larger than me might I add. My dog knew I was nervous and he was there to protect me, he started growling and barking and the man at first started yelling at my dog and I yelled “do not come any closer he WILL attack” with that the man ran the other way. Had my dog not been there who knows what could’ve happened, or what the man wanted. On that SAME walk we walked by a mother jogging with her child in a stroller and low and behold my dog didn’t do a thing to her, even with her jogging 2 inches away from my dog. He payed no mind. Why? Because his owner was not in danger and there was no threat.

Don’t forget about their history of being the nanny dog. Their nature is to PROTECT. Don’t let this stigma keep you from all the love and joy this breed can give you.

Separation Anxiety

So being a stay at home/ work from home mom has been amazing to say the least! I love watching my baby grow every second of every day. So many mamas love their alone time and want 20 minutes to run to the store and just have their “me” time and I think that is so amazing for them, BUT I just don’t have that want in me! It’s hard for me to want to leave my girl for even a dinner date night with hubby.. and she doesn’t like it too much either, until glamma (my mom) comes over with snacks. The reason I’m writing this is because tonight my husband went out for his bi weekly guys night, where him and his group of guy friends go to one of their houses and have a “jam” night. (they all play an instrument & pretty damn well might I add!) I couldn’t help but think how I haven’t actually gone out in forever, but I didn’t mind it at all, I really have no desire to.

The first time I had to leave her was awful. Elliot and I were going on our honeymoon cruise to Bermuda and while we had some fun, the whole time I was a nervous reck, there was hardly communication, and the person watching her before she went to my moms, decided to make their own rules and plans against what we said for our daughter. It was such a disappointment, but everything is a lesson learned and this really made us limit the people we trust to watch her and respect our decisions as her parents.

While that situation made me never want to leave her again, and I didn’t for a long time after that, it wasn’t the only reason I never want to leave my girl. Some people say it’s not healthy and I need me time and time to hang out with my friends. But I already do all that! When Lina goes to sleep, that is my time, I’ll take a bath, do yoga, have a glass of wine, or just relax! I don’t need to leave my house to have me time. I also love that my friends love my daughter because we do have girls nights and they come over, I cook or order food, they bring wine and we have a great time with my daughter being there. She’s my best friend and we do everything together, shopping, lunch dates, mani/pedis, we do it all and I wouldn’t want it any other way! I know this isn’t how many moms think and in no way do I judge or think these moms are crazy, every single person is different and have different wants and needs and that is ok!

Whenever I leave her, I feel like a part of me that is supposed to be there isn’t, and while I know as she grows I may or may not need that me time and a break but as of right now I have not ever felt that feeling. If anything leaving her stresses me out more. I have always wanted to be a mom and have a family. Having a career was important to me but not the most important, family has always been most important. I grew up in an extremely close and loving family, while my mom and I have always been best friends and she showed me an enormous amount of love, my Mema and I were definitely inseparable, and I think she was the one that showed me you can never spend too much time or show too much love to some one. I thank god every day for the time we shared and I want Lina to have these memories with me too. I know going out for a couple hours isn’t going to make Lina not have these fun memories, but I genuinely enjoy having my girl with me all the time!

That being said when Glamma does watch her while Elliot and I have a date night, she is 100% fine and content with her (she comes over every week to see Lina so she is comfortable with her and loves being with her) but I can’t lie and say I don’t still cry every time we leave!

kisses for Glamma! ( Yes! That’s really my MOM!)

Any other mamas with me?? *Crickets* I know … I’m crazy, I’m just so grateful I have such an amazing daughter that is so fun to hang out with!


Back To Normal!

Wow! So right after my husband and daughter started to feel better, the sickness hit me like a ton of bricks! It was awful, Stuffy nose, sore throat, and my head feeling like it was in a Vice .. not cool! But today we are finally back to 100%! I was able to re clean and re bleach my house, and I even popped open a window for 20 minutes to kill any germs trying to stay behind! Lol!

Since I was sick and didn’t do much but lounge with my girl and watch TV, I have to talk about some TV shows! I’m such a sucker for reality TV! My favs are (Don’t laugh) Teen mom (OG and 2) RHOB, RHONJ, Revenge Body (because of the trainer Corey Calliet 🔥) , and of course This Is Us. I honestly don’t know what gets me so into these shows but once I’m sucked in, it’s like quick sand! I always start looking into their style, hair and makeup more than the storylines themselves, although the drama is pretty good! (Any drama that’s not your own is good, right?)

Who are my favorite people on each show you ask? (Ok I know you didn’t ask but I can’t help myself)

Teen Mom OG; Maci – I love her relationship with her husband and I think she’d be super fun to have some beer with!

Teen Mom 2; Chelsea (duh) I love her hair, makeup, outfits, husband, children, EVERYTHING about her!

RHOB ; it’s a tie between Dorit and Erika although in the past couple episodes Dorit is acting way too immature and has a “too good for you” attitude.. no bueno. Erika Jane on the other hand is just a bad ass bitch I love her realness!

RHONJ; Melissa! I love her style and she is such a lady boss!

Revenge Body; The Trainer Corey Calliet.. good LAWWWD! That man will make you sweat just watching him (and not only because his workouts look insane) Everytime he’s on TV my husband yells “babe, your boyfriends on!” 😂 There’s a little picture for y’all to see what I’m talking about.

Watching reality TV actually is almost like reading a book, it takes you away for a half hour and makes you laugh and most of the time appreciate your life a little more, because remember, everything you see is not as it seems..

What are some of your favorite shows?!


Topic Tuesday ; Quick Breakfasts

Hey y’all! The last 3 days have been full of fevers, chicken soup, tea, and bleach! It started off with my poor baby having a fever and not feeling well, then leaked over to my hubby. Any one else’s husband act SO over dramatic when they are sick?! Because good lord, I swear you’d think he’d need an IV drip the way he’s acting. 😂 My poor babies. With that being said, I’ve been playing nurse and literally in the kitchen cooking up tea, making sure my husband has been drinking and taking his medicine, or on the couch helping Lina nap! With no time for me to make myself something to eat, but needing energy to take care of these cuties, I’m so happy I had these quick breakfast recipes!

  1. Green Smoothie

I love this because it’s a variety of things you can pick and choose, or just use what you have on hand! Super easy, super nutritious, and SUPER quick and effortless!

2. Overnight Oats ; This one is great because you can put it in the fridge and it’s ready in the morning!


• 2 c rolled oats

• 1 tsp vanilla

• 2 c almond milk

• 3 Tbsp brown sugar

• ¾ tsp cinnamon

• 3 Tbsp pure maple syrup

This makes one big mason jar full (enough for 2 mornings!) it’s so simple too! All you do is mix oats and milk, then add brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, and syrup, stir, add that to the milk and oat mixture. Put it in the fridge, mix it the next morning and it’s done!

If you’re not into this recipe there are so many more on Pinterest!

3. Avocado Toast ; toast some bread spread some avocado on it, add pepper, enjoy!

4. Cinnamon sugar toast ; Sprinkle a little cinnamon and sugar on buttered toast and it’s ready to eat!!

5. Yogurt Parfait; This is another great quick and delicious breakfast! Add some Greek yogurt, granola, and some fruit into a bowl, that’s it!

I hope you guys enjoy these few quick breakfast ideas! I swear they make my hectic mornings so much easier! If you have any yummy breakfast ideas send em’ my way!

P.S. Lina is starting to feel better thank the lord! Just has a cough that hopefully will go away soon, Elliot, will probably be sick for the next week, although he’s feeling a little better his cough is lingering and I think he likes getting catered to and checked up on all day 😜

What makes a toddler feel better no matter what? Taco Tuesday!


Cold season

So this morning Lina woke up with a little cough and runny nose, I didn’t think anything of it, especially with it being 3 degrees out (literally that is not an exaggeration). As the day went on, she seemed to just look tired but wasn’t acting much different than any other day. She was dancing and singing to Moana (her favorite movie) but my mommy instincts kicked in and something made me check her temperature. 99.8, ok so it’s not an awful fever, but it was a fever and I immediately went into sick mode, made tea with honey, lemon, and ginger, gave her ice pops, had her rest, and had lots of snuggle time!

After dinner, I took her temperature again and 100.2 .. ugh. So I had her rest some more. We watched Moana. Again. THIRD. TIME. TODAY. 🙄 The things we do for our babies. After Moana, I got her ready for bed, rubbed some baby Vicks on the bottom of her feet and on her back, made her a bottle with some chamomile tea, and put her to bed. She was out within seconds.

About 45 min later she starts crying and when I walk in I see her shivering and clearly uncomfortable. She was so warm I felt like I was sitting infront of a pizza oven (great now I’m hungry) I take her temperature 101.2, EVEN HIGHER. UGH. so I pick her up, sit in our rocking chair, unzip the front of her jammies, lift my shirt, and give her some skin to skin time. They say skin to skin with mommy works better than medicine. Let’s hope!

She is currently snoring away on my chest, and sleeping comfortably, thank god! Needless to say I will not be getting any sleep tonight, but if that means my baby can have a full nights rest, I don’t care! It’s the worst feeling seeing your babe sick! Praying for a healthier day tomorrow!!


New Year, New Hair

^This picture was when Lina helped me make some yummy sauce, but I couldn’t help to see how dull and over grown my blonde was!

Ever feel like you need something new? I swear after last year I just needed a change! So being a hairdresser, that change was my hair!

I’ve been going back and forth with the idea for a while now and finally, I just needed to go for it! “Don’t talk about it, be about it!” I always say that to people so it was time to take my own advice. I got my inspiration from Chelsea From ‘Teen Mom 2’ she’s always had great hair, even her over bleached blonde looked great, and that’s hard to pull off! So when she went red (the ONLY color I’ve never done, I’ve been blue, pink, purple, green, blonde, black, everything!) I thought, wow, it looks amazing! BUT, with me being a blonde I know what it means the minute I go red, good luck getting back to blonde. After years of thought, yesterday I decided to just go for it! I’m so glad I did! I love my new red hair! Although it needs a little tweaking and red comes with a lot of upkeep, (so does blonde) I’m so happy I made the change!

^ My inspiration picture!

Even when you’re scared to do something, DO IT!! You’ll only regret the chances you don’t take!