Starting Something New

Hey guys! So with the new year I’ve decided to do a different challenge each month! This will keep me inspired and make me live my best life in 2018, full of health, happiness, and love!

This month, I will be doing the “Self-Care challenge” like I’ve said in my previous post, you need to take care of yourself first in order to successfully take care of another! In order to make this year amazing I’m going to take steps everyday this month to make myself amazing!

In the picture above shows the challenge I will be following if anyone would like to join the fun! I will post each challenge, each month!

If anyone is feeling down, anxious, has some postpartum, or is just looking for a change to feel happier, remember, It starts with you! Try something new, breathe in some fresh air and make this year your happiest!


** If you or some one you know, are having severe depression or negative thoughts, go speak to someone or call National suicide help line +18002738255 **

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