Topic Tuesday; exercising while being a mom!

A few people asked me how to keep up with fitness while being a work at home mom & having a toddler running around all day! While I’m not exactly “fit” I do like to exercise to make myself feel better, even if I do drink a glass of wine after 😉.

If you’re like me, going to the gym is just totally out of the question, Apps & Pinterest are my best friend! I came across the Alexa Jean Fitness website. I love that she has circuits made for each day of the week that you can do at home with no equipment required, it all uses your own body weight! I used it for 7 weeks (out of 12.. I’m being real here, I’m AWFUL at committing to full work out programs) after having Lina and I totally saw results! *Photo of some results below!* I just re started it again yesterday we’ll see how far I make it! The best part, you can get her workouts to down load right to your phone or iPad! Click here to check it out!


nother thing I like to do it my elliptical or a walk in general! I have my elliptical in my living room and I’ll try to do 30 min after Lina goes to bed. They have a 20 minute quick workout setting and it always makes me feel accomplished!

My last favorite workouts are Yoga and Pilates, I love to do these either in the morning before Lina wakes up or when she goes to bed! I was never really the yoga “type” it seemed boring to me. Then when I was pregnant with Lina I wanted to do something good for my body but not too strenuous, So I began doing prenatal yoga and really enjoyed it. After I gave birth and wanted to keep up with the yoga I couldn’t find anything I liked. I didn’t have the time or schedule to go to classes so I looked on YouTube and OnDemand, all the teachers I would click on were too boring. Then it happened! I found Erica Vetra. (I may be bias because of the name) She is my favorite yoga teacher I have ever came across! She has different videos focused around what you need and she’s extremely easy to follow AND her videos are all on YouTube! My favorite is 20 Min Morning Yoga for Beginners. It really helps to wake you up and get your heart going! I will put the link below if you want to check her out! Click Here For Erica Vetra Yogall in all I really just try to exercise any time I get the chance, and look for at home workouts on Pinterest. Exercising for me isn’t totally about losing weight (although it’d be nice) it’s more about feeling good about yourself. Before yesterday I didn’t exercise for about a month and I was starting to feel sluggish and overall crappy, my mood, body, everything. So I promised myself, even if I don’t change my diet fully to lose weight I need to do at least 20 minutes of something a day to keep me feeling good!

If any of you have good workouts you like doing please feel free to share!!


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