Back To Normal!

Wow! So right after my husband and daughter started to feel better, the sickness hit me like a ton of bricks! It was awful, Stuffy nose, sore throat, and my head feeling like it was in a Vice .. not cool! But today we are finally back to 100%! I was able to re clean and re bleach my house, and I even popped open a window for 20 minutes to kill any germs trying to stay behind! Lol!

Since I was sick and didn’t do much but lounge with my girl and watch TV, I have to talk about some TV shows! I’m such a sucker for reality TV! My favs are (Don’t laugh) Teen mom (OG and 2) RHOB, RHONJ, Revenge Body (because of the trainer Corey Calliet 🔥) , and of course This Is Us. I honestly don’t know what gets me so into these shows but once I’m sucked in, it’s like quick sand! I always start looking into their style, hair and makeup more than the storylines themselves, although the drama is pretty good! (Any drama that’s not your own is good, right?)

Who are my favorite people on each show you ask? (Ok I know you didn’t ask but I can’t help myself)

Teen Mom OG; Maci – I love her relationship with her husband and I think she’d be super fun to have some beer with!

Teen Mom 2; Chelsea (duh) I love her hair, makeup, outfits, husband, children, EVERYTHING about her!

RHOB ; it’s a tie between Dorit and Erika although in the past couple episodes Dorit is acting way too immature and has a “too good for you” attitude.. no bueno. Erika Jane on the other hand is just a bad ass bitch I love her realness!

RHONJ; Melissa! I love her style and she is such a lady boss!

Revenge Body; The Trainer Corey Calliet.. good LAWWWD! That man will make you sweat just watching him (and not only because his workouts look insane) Everytime he’s on TV my husband yells “babe, your boyfriends on!” 😂 There’s a little picture for y’all to see what I’m talking about.

Watching reality TV actually is almost like reading a book, it takes you away for a half hour and makes you laugh and most of the time appreciate your life a little more, because remember, everything you see is not as it seems..

What are some of your favorite shows?!


2 thoughts on “Back To Normal!

  1. Becky says:

    1st I must say you definitely carry some of my genetics lol somewhere someway somehow… As I read your blogs & had my stomahe drop 99.9 percent of the time .
    O.k. so with all life is bringing you & has brought you theres nothing ” given ” too you that 1 is thought that can’t be handled & you seem too be doing a 110 percent on it & I give you more respect & credit & assperacition on your life in general !
    Regardless you’ll alwaysssss be my neice idc what anyone says I disregard words especially toxic hurtful ones as those people no who they are .
    Anyways ! OMG ! THIS IS US my fave by far I love it 🤤 so real in our everday worlds I love Jack & I think there’s a little bit of us in all reality non reality shows , books ect we read & watch …
    Me ? I’m an avid book reader I lose myself in a book I put myself in that book lol I get lost in my own world for an hour or two . Mandatory !
    Same with my Tuesday ” This is us” night ahh Jack & I think there’s a little bit of us in all reality shows.
    I love love love teen mom Chelesea she’s down too earth all around awesome mom wife trying her best !
    My books oh my lord I’m a 50 shades die hard as well any thing Nicholas Sparks books !
    & Of course any self help & cooking books with my own twists lol.
    You Erica are beautiful your family your mature way your creative way you remind me alot of myself were that family thing comes back into play … I am your aunt regardless what anyone says ! By marriage or not ( yea I was told that back in the day ” your only in this family by marriage ect “) whatever Toxix bye bye . Anyways ….
    I don’t care what anyone says never did never will I always did & will continue too do things my way without the chirping of ” family ” in my ears saying no no no or negative feedback I don’t need it so I wiped it out ( not you) I love seeing your different styles this n that it’s a reminder of my younger days !
    Oot I forgot SIESTA KEYS reality show it’s on tonight if your not watching 🤤 look into it it’s an excellent reality show too me anyways!
    Love how I just stop & start talking ab something else ?
    Anyways I love you sweety your inspiring, beautiful, helpful, creative ,keep being you! Keep toxic negative ppl out of your families life Elliot and lena plus you do not need it ! There’s nothing worse than jealous ppl .
    I love this blog & wish I new how too start one , it would blow up the blogger world with my life or would be a great help or both lol.
    Keep up the good work !
    Stay beautiful
    True too you !

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    • pr0jectmilf says:

      Aww love you! This was all so true! You are so beautiful! We are alike!! ❤️ I loved safe haven by Nicholas sparks, one of my favorite books!! It’s better than the movie !!! If you ever need help starting a blog I could definitely help you out!! Xoxoxo ❤️😘


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