Pitbull SuperBowl Ad

Today I was scrolling Facebook and I came across a ” DO NOT ADOPT A PITBULL” ad supposably for the super bowl. I hope to God this is not true and it was made by a bunch of ignorant uneducated people. I swear my stomach turned in disgust when I watched this. They claimed pit bulls are the cause of 29 deaths of Americans in 2017. TWENTY. NINE. I am in NO way shape or form discounting lives, but I’m 99.9% sure these dogs didn’t just attack for no reason! What about deaths caused by public transportation? Are we going to stop taking Uber’s, trains, planes, etc?

My dog was adopted and he is the SWEETEST most loving dog in the world. It’s how you train them. Think about humans. Think about how some people raise their kids, if you raise a kid to be an asshole, it’s gonna be an asshole. It’s so easy to blame the dog, but is it always really the dogs fault? No. My dog has ZERO aggressive behavior and STILL my daughter is NOT allowed near his food bowl while he is eating, she is taught to be gentle, he is not a pony he is not allowed to be rode on or climbed all over. Why? Because our dog is still a living breathing being and they too are entitled to have a bad day and snap just like every SINGLE one of YOU reading this. So save this crap about pit bulls are awful and it’s their “breed” and learn to retrain your dog! If you adopt a dog with an aggressive past, bring in a professional, THEY can help, know how to HANDLE your dog if it’s aggressive JUST like you handle your kid if they have anger or aggression issues.

“All animals are ANIMALS FIRST!”

To be honest I’m extremely happy my dog is protective. Here’s a quick story as to why his protective nature makes me feel safe. I was walking with my pit around our block when I was 8 months pregnant. A clearly drunk man starts charging toward us in an extremely aggressive manner, it was about 1 in the afternoon, no one else around. I was EXTREMELY nervous especially being 8 months pregnant I wasn’t really in the best shape to be running away or fighting off some man, much larger than me might I add. My dog knew I was nervous and he was there to protect me, he started growling and barking and the man at first started yelling at my dog and I yelled “do not come any closer he WILL attack” with that the man ran the other way. Had my dog not been there who knows what could’ve happened, or what the man wanted. On that SAME walk we walked by a mother jogging with her child in a stroller and low and behold my dog didn’t do a thing to her, even with her jogging 2 inches away from my dog. He payed no mind. Why? Because his owner was not in danger and there was no threat.

Don’t forget about their history of being the nanny dog. Their nature is to PROTECT. Don’t let this stigma keep you from all the love and joy this breed can give you.

4 thoughts on “Pitbull SuperBowl Ad

  1. ayssasantos says:

    It really is HORRIBLE the rep these beauties have. I think your guys is extremely handsome and he looks super sweet to boot! Glad you guys were able to find each other. I too have a pit-mix and she is the SWEETEST dog ever! She’s the first of my dogs to go up to my daughter and slobber her with nothing but kisses. Love the breed, not the sh*t people who turn them into monsters in the media.

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  2. peggy says:

    I had a pit rescue, from 3 weeks til 12 yrs (when he fought a good fight of brain cancer). He was very loyal til the end. MyBuddy was extremely protective of myself and family. I do hate to admit that he did bite a drunk, abusive man, but did NOT lock! When told NO, he stopped immediately. His vet who cared for him all of his life would not consider him vicious. He sleep slept with me, went everywhere I went.. He was MyBuddy!😢💕

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