Advice Time

I never really write about needing some advice, BUT, there’s been something on my mind a lot and I figure I’d throw it out there!

So as you know if you follow my blog, I am expecting our newest edition in early September, while I am so excited and can NOT wait to meet this precious bundle of joy, I am TERRIFIED of the thought of leaving Lina while I go in the hospital to give birth. Yes, I know I have 6 more months of pregnancy but it’s coming eventually! With Lina I had to be induced. I was induced on a Thursday and didn’t have her until Saturday afternoon, while the actual pushing time was only 8 minutes, the labor was forever. My point being we went in on Thursday and didn’t come home until Monday. At that point it was fine because my brother was taking care of our dog and I was in no rush to get home. If I am induced again, my mother will be with Lina and I whole heartedly trust her but it’s my own thoughts of leaving her for 4 days is what is getting to me. Even if I’m not induced that’s still at least 2 days without my main girl!

I know some people will say she can come visit at the hospital, but I think that would do more harm than good if she comes, sees us, then has to go back home with my mom and with out us. My plan is to have my mom bring her up on the day we are leaving, or if we get discharged early to just come home and surprise her!

I know this may sound extreme, but we are always together and it’s more of a separation anxiety issue with me. As I said in one of my previous posts, I hate being without her and to be without her in such a life changing moment is going to be extremely hard for me. So any mamas that have more than one, how did you do it?!

C’mon tell me it would be easy to leave this face ?!


Happiness = Babies

So after our heartbreaking holiday season of having a miscarriage we really were ready for a life cleanse! Which is exactly what we did! We took that time to remove any negativity out of our lives, spend more meaningful bonding time as a family, and overall just feel happy!!

Well one night (4 weeks after my miscarriage) we were ready to go out on a sushi date with my brother, my husbands brother, and his friend and I just had this feeling I was pregnant. I had been nauseous, my breasts were LARGE and sore, and I just felt it! So I had my husband pick up a test on the way home and I took it! Negative! We were a little let down but to be honest it was only 4 weeks since the miscarriage so I wasn’t that shocked. We went out, had an amazing dinner and I enjoyed a nice glass of merlot 😊.

The next week came and it was Sunday, which meant mimosas in our house! I knew my first menstrual cycle would be coming, but I still just felt so pregnant so before I had a mimosa I had to find out. I had an extra test left over from the week before so I figured, what the hell.. let me take it. Low and behold POSITIVE! I was shocked!! I ran out of the bathroom and screamed “WE’RE PREGNANT!!!!” My husbands sweet sweet face dropped and he was so excited (not sure if it was the “we’re pregnant, or the fact he now gets to drink the whole bottle of champagne)

I called the doctor the next morning and due to my circumstances they saw me that day for blood work! The blood work came back great and the next week we went in for an ultrasound to see how far along I was! We were both so nervous as to what we may see! But there it was a beautiful little bean with a strong heartbeat! We cried we were so happy! We were 5 weeks 5 days pregnant, which means we conceived December 5th! ( my brothers bday lol) A week after we miscarried and recharged our life! We have prayed for this and to have it come so quickly was the greatest blessing!

We are now three months along and are expecting our rainbow baby in early September!! 💝💙


Ok, so I haven’t posted here in a while, I feel like if my posts are forced they are not as real and more Just to have something up. But, this weekend we took a trip to our fav get away spot in VT! It was absolutely amazing!

We decided we needed some relaxation time before things become hectic, so whats more relaxing than a cottage in VT?! My husband found the cottage on Air BnB, it was affordable, spacious, secluded and let us bring our dog, Drake! While we were there we weren’t looking to do much but relax, get a change of scenery, and eat!

We checked out Hidden Springs Maple Syrup, which was so delicious! They had samples around the store of all local syrup makers and the smell when you walked in could’ve made anyone’s mouth water instantly! We got a bottle of our favorite kind to go and a “nip” of flavored syrup to try at home! I definitely recommend stoping by and checking out their syrup if you’re ever in the area!

We also went to Whetstone Brewery which was recommended by my dad, who KNOWS delicious food, so when a place is recommended by him, we GO! This place did not disappoint! We ordered the Steak Tips as an app and they were out of this world! The meat was juicy, flavorful, and literally you could cut it with a spoon (even Lina loved it!) for our meals, I got the salad with more steak tips (they were that good), Elliot got a huge burger with their homemade chips, which were also amazing, and Lina got the Mac and cheese which she devoured entirely!! Elliot also got one, or three, of their home brewed beer and wouldn’t stop raving about it!! To finish off the meal we all split the Irish cream (flavored) cheese cake and I ordered a cappuccino! I don’t think we could say enough good things about this place!! Did I mention that was all for lunch?!

The delicious steak tips!

The house didn’t have a TV which at first I was not excited about because let’s be real, Lina loves her Mickey Mouse! But they did have wifi and she was able to watch it on the iPad if she was getting sleepy, but she hardly wanted too! We had the radio going the whole time and we had so much fun dancing, playing board games, and Lina must have colored 75 pictures over the course of the 4 days!! Since there was about 6 inches of snow on the ground, Drake had such a great time running around the acres of land we had to ourselves!

While vacations to the beaches and resorts are great, our family loves to take these little intimate trips to rural, quiet places to reconnect and just vibe with each other! It’s amazing the amount of fun you can have in a cabin with no tv!