Advice Time

I never really write about needing some advice, BUT, there’s been something on my mind a lot and I figure I’d throw it out there!

So as you know if you follow my blog, I am expecting our newest edition in early September, while I am so excited and can NOT wait to meet this precious bundle of joy, I am TERRIFIED of the thought of leaving Lina while I go in the hospital to give birth. Yes, I know I have 6 more months of pregnancy but it’s coming eventually! With Lina I had to be induced. I was induced on a Thursday and didn’t have her until Saturday afternoon, while the actual pushing time was only 8 minutes, the labor was forever. My point being we went in on Thursday and didn’t come home until Monday. At that point it was fine because my brother was taking care of our dog and I was in no rush to get home. If I am induced again, my mother will be with Lina and I whole heartedly trust her but it’s my own thoughts of leaving her for 4 days is what is getting to me. Even if I’m not induced that’s still at least 2 days without my main girl!

I know some people will say she can come visit at the hospital, but I think that would do more harm than good if she comes, sees us, then has to go back home with my mom and with out us. My plan is to have my mom bring her up on the day we are leaving, or if we get discharged early to just come home and surprise her!

I know this may sound extreme, but we are always together and it’s more of a separation anxiety issue with me. As I said in one of my previous posts, I hate being without her and to be without her in such a life changing moment is going to be extremely hard for me. So any mamas that have more than one, how did you do it?!

C’mon tell me it would be easy to leave this face ?!


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