Pregnancy Favorites

This pregnancy started off a little differently than with my first! When I was pregnant with Lina I didn’t have any morning sickness, worked out every day, and ate super clean! With this pregnancy the first trimester had some nausea (not enough to complain about), I was super fatigued and I only really wanted salt and vinegar chips! But now that the second trimester has come around I am back to working out everyday, eating clean(ish), and definitely have more energy, I swear it has to do with working out!


When I say “working out” I am in no way going hard at the gym or doing anything crazy. I found with my body, cardio, prenatal Pilates and yoga is the best for me. No matter how exhausted I am, I still try to do at least one of those a day because it makes me feel so much better!

My favorite Pilates DVD is 10 minute solution. It has 5 10 minute workouts so even if your day is hectic and you can only squeeze in a 20 min workout, they have it! It also targets all different body parts to leave you feeling long and stretched!

Prenatal Vitamins

With my first pregnancy I remember the look and SIZE of the prescription prenatals and I was not having it! So when I found gummy prenatal vitamins I was more than thrilled, and when the taste was great I wasn’t sure that it actually would be DR. Approved but it was! So needless to say, these have been my go to prenatals from that day forward!

That’s all for my pregnancy favorites for today but I will add more when I think of them!! Now, it’s nap time!


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