Easter Baskets!

So with easter approaching the Easter bunny will be making his appearance soon! I’ve noticed easter has almost become like a second Christmas to kids and that’s awesome for them, but I’m not having it!

Growing up my brother and I got Fruit in our basket instead of all the traditional candy and I loved it! Of course we did get delicious Cadbury eggs but the rest was fruit! We would also get things that went along with spring coming such as, kites, rain boots, chalk, little things like that. Also if we were planning on going somewhere for April vacation we would get a bathing suit, flip flops, sunscreen, maybe a beach hat and towel! I think the idea of another Christmas for Easter is just too much!

I have been using the same Easter basket since I was about 4. My aunt made me it and now I’ve passed it down to Lina for her to use! (I’ve recently called my aunt letting her know we’d have to make another for my next daughter! Lol) I love holiday family traditions and making ones with my family has made me so happy! Between Easter bunny visits, egg hunts, coloring eggs, church on easter morning I love it all!!

Speaking of coloring eggs, this was the first year Lina actually got to enjoy coloring Easter eggs and boy did she love it! She thought it was so exciting to see the egg go in white and come out another color! At the end we dipped our eggs in glitter & let’s just say there’s still glitter popping up all over our house (not like that’s a bad thing) ✨

What are your thoughts on Easter gifts?


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