From crib to toddler bed

So being pregnant and Lina being pretty advanced for her age, my husband and I thought it would be appropriate to start transitioning her into a big girl bed so she doesn’t think she’s getting kicked out of her bed because of her sister!

I wanted to start the transition now because I figured it would take a while for her to stay in bed and sleep through the night and didn’t want to be 7-8 months pregnant, exhausted and trying to sleep train. I read a lot of blogs and stories about people who’s kids never climbed out of their crib but once they got the freedom of a bed, they never stayed in it. Lucky for us Lina slept through the night the first night in her bed and has continued to do so every night since! Woohoo!!

Although the transition was a piece of cake for her, for me, it was not so much. Saturday, we got her toddler bed and I took her to the store to pick out her own bed set, of course being Minnie Mouse (could’ve bet money on that one) just like I had for my first toddler set! She was so excited about her new bed she kept saying “meeeMouse Bed!!” I was so excited for her also, but then we got home and my husband started moving her old baby room around, rearranging everything. I took one step in the room and hysterically cried for a good 20 minutes. HOW, how is my BABY getting a big girl room, did I do this too soon, is she ready, will she sleep in this new bed? So many questions I was asking myself. I also happen to be a creature of habit and hate change at first, to see her whole room different really got to me. After I got myself together I gave her a bath and we got ready for our big night!

I’ve always been extremely routined with Lina & I think this is the reason she transitioned so well, slept through the night since the first week home, and doesn’t fuss at bed time.

Our routine; first I would rock her, nurse or give her a bottle as I read her a book, say our prayers, give her a kiss, then put her in her crib and that was it she would go right to sleep. I’ve kept this the same from the day we got home from the hospital so naturally the first night in her bed, I laid in her bed, read her a book (she no longer has a bottle at bed time) said our prayers, gave her a kiss, and walked out of the room.

I waited outside her door for a cry, whimper, anything. Nothing. I watched the monitor & She laid in her new bed for about 5 minutes then fell asleep! Just like that! I was up all night thinking she’d wake up and come in our room, but nope! She stayed asleep until 8:45 and when she did wake up she just stayed in bed and “read” her book! At 20 months, I never thought this would be possible! All of my “I hope she’s ready for this” thoughts disappeared.

Transitioning her was such a bittersweet moment, but I hope her having her big girl bed will eliminate any jealousy of her baby sister getting to sleep in her old crib, we’ll see in about 4 months!


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