Catch up!

I’m back y’all! Like I’ve said in my previous posts if I can’t give 100% to my posts, I’m not going to write one!

First things first, I’m happy to introduce you to the newest member of our family, our beautiful Emmie Love!

Labor story

I didn’t think this precious little nugget was ever going to want to come out, just like her big sissy who I had to be induced with at 42 weeks, but, To mine and my husbands surprise this little chick was ready to exit at 40 weeks and 6 days! Her labor was pretty uneventful, started contractions at 5, went to the hospital at 7, was 7Cm dilated, started pushing at 11:08 and had her at 11:14! 3 pushes and heard the most adorable little cry! Our rainbow baby had arrived, healthy and perfect!

Introducing Emmie to Lina

The whole day we were in the hospital all I could do was think about Lina and how she would react to being a big sister. Would she be jealous or hate sharing her mama, I mean it has been only us for 2 years and we are as close as you get. The whole drive home I was nervous, yet excited. When we arrived home I decided I would walk in alone first and have my husband follow with the baby.

I walked in and Lina’s face lit up with the most amazing smile I have ever seen I ran over to her picked her up and gave her a good squeeze (I missed my first baby soooo much!) then, my husband came in. She looked over at the car seat with curiosity and we told her, her new sissy was in there. She immediately looked in and said “Aww cute! Lina hold?!” Being so excited I jumped at the opportunity of her to bond with her sister, that my friends is where the love fest began and has yet to calm down. Lina is the best big sister in the world and is so involved in every part of Emmies routine!

One month later

Emmie Love just turned a month old and being a mom of two has been great! We went through a little rough patch with this poor baby having a little acid reflux problem but with that beginning to get better and figuring out which medicines work for her, she’s such a good baby just like her sissy!

I was terrified I wouldn’t have enough love to give to anyone but Lina and that I would be so overwhelmed with two babies two and under but to be completely honest I believe I was made to be a mama and share my love to these little miracles my husband and I made. Also, two babies has really been easier than one, we already have our routine so it was easy to just stick to our norm and have Emmie follow along! (Esp because right now she’s nursing every 2 hours and then sleeping the rest) so moms out there expecting their second, it’s the best, you will have enough love, you will make it through the late nights (especially if you have an amazing husband like mine who helps with everything he can, even though he has worthless nipples), and the smiles are going to melt you!

I’m super excited to be back and start blogging again and sharing our journey with you all!


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