Pump to boob!

Today something happened that I didn’t think would, Emmie is back breastfeeding!! I have been exclusively pumping since she came home from the hospital because it worked out better for me and my boobs needed a break!

Exclusively pumping made me so much more comfortable because I was able to see exactly how much milk she was getting with every feeding, and I was making a lot of milk being able to freeze about 12 Oz. A day at minimum! Then I got mastitis (sorry to any mom who’s had it, I know even just seeing that word made you cringe!) but after that my supply had definitely went down some.

So why start having Emmie breast feed you ask? Because I was feeding her then pumping every two hours & though I will still be feeding her every two hours I feel like I have more freedom not being hooked to a pump the whole time. Also for me, there’s just so much bonding with breastfeeding that I was missing with her, especially after going through breastfeeding with Lina and the bond that it created. How did it start? Emmie loves to fuss a lot before her feeding and with exclusively pumping I have to warm up a bottle (letting it sit in hot water for 10 min) before feeding her, this morning she was NOT having it. She was screaming even more than usual and I couldn’t stand hearing her like that. I figured I would try to have her latch and go from there. I didn’t expect much because you hear a lot about babies getting used to the bottle nipple instead of your nipple but to my surprise I put her on and she latched with ease! Of course I’m going to have crippling anxiety about if she is getting enough or if she is going to start losing weight because her latch is off and she hasn’t gotten what she needs but I need to just let go and trust my body, it made this beautiful baby and knows how to nourish her.

Im extremely excited about this but cautious as well! Not sure if this will last or if I’ll be back pumping all day but I’m going to enjoy it for now! If any of you mamas have gone from pumping to breast please feel free to leave any advice!! Wish me luck!

She seems content and well fed to me 😃



Trick-or-treat! Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays (besides Christmas, NOTHING beats Christmas!) it’s a full day of kids and adults being anyone in the world they want, with no limit on imagination. A full day of joy and fun for our little ones…. well. Sometimes.

Our halloween started off with both my kids (2 years & 1 month) waking up at 10 am woohoo!! Very normal for my oldest, she’s been the sleep queen since two weeks old, so going to bed at 8 and waking up at 10 is nothing. But for my 1 month old having her last feeding at 1230 then waking up at 10 I’m ok with! Any way, I made Lina some festive pancakes, did pumpkin crafts and had a great morning/afternoon!

That’s where things got tricky. 4 pm rolls around and we were planning on going trick or treating by 6 and still No nap. Not good for our sleep queen. So it was no surprise when it was time to put her costume on (that she once didn’t want to take off to bathe) she flipped her lid and was not having it. Great out perfect fun Halloween was going to be ruined by my little drama queen! But it all changed when we told her it was time to go get candy! Thank the good lord.

Lina’s first time actually Trick-Or-Treating

In years past Lina was either an infant getting pushed in the stroller, or a 1 year old that didn’t really get the concept of Halloween, but this year the magic of the holiday came out! She ran up to each door yelling “Spoooky” “treaaatt” and on her way back from every house she said “candy!!” She also screamed a dramatic fake scream when she saw a ghost decoration and said “mommy, ghost!” It was the sweetest thing seeing her have so much fun! As for Emmie she was super snug and asleep in her baby carrier the whole night!

As for mama and dada, we enjoyed a nice up of a caramel apple cider vodka drink (recipe below!)

Caramel Apple Cider Adult Only

  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Apple cider
  • Smirnoff caramel vodka

In a small pan (depending on how much you’re making pour in Apple cider (1cup per drink) and add in cinnamon sticks, simmer that for about 30 min to really infuse the flavor! Then scoop out into a to go cup add a shot of vodka (or as much as you like) and enjoy!!

A quick on the go version that is just as yummy is cold apple cider, vodka, and a sprinkle of ground cinnamon thrown together and wahlah! Cheers!

After we were finished Trick-Or-Treating we came back home with our group (we go with my aunt and cousin “brook” whom Lina is obsessed with, every year) and had some pizza while the girls played! Then bathtime, a new Halloween book, and BED! We were all so exhausted from our fun night we fell asleep in seconds!

I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! 🎃